Illustrator vs Photoshop Comparison is At the End. Read It

Illustrator vs Photoshop Comparison is At the End. Read It

Illustrator vs Photoshop Comparison is At the End. Read It

Illustrator vs Photoshop battle of comparison is always among designers. Some prefer Illustrator whereas some other feel free to use Photoshop. Whatever, Photoshop or Illustrator they practice they have their own selection criteria. They choose between this two suiting their design. By the way, I am going to end this comparison discussing brief details of Illustrator and Photoshop. So, let’s jump in-


Illustrator is one kind of editing software as we all know. Illustrator is practised for providing a visual presentation which checks the content association of the linked text or idea. An illustrator is an artist who specializes in enhancing writing or clarifying concepts. Making images are the art of Illustrator also it can create computer art. So, you can tell it is the real innovation of designing tools.

Digital illustration is required by many cartoonists. They are using graphics tablets, computers and scanners for cartoon creation. For this reason, Adobe Illustrator is much popular among these professionals.


Photoshop is highly popular photo editing software. It is developed by Adobe system. It normally uses in Mac OS and Windows. Graphics file formats are supported in Photoshop. To edit, or render text, or vector graphics are its limited ability.

Photographers, graphics designers, video game creators are mainly using Photoshop editing software. When users want to use this they need to purchase the software. Photoshop light room, Photoshop express, Photoshop touches all and are included in Adobe Photoshop Family.  

Illustrator vs Photoshop

  • Advanced vector based software is Adobe Illustrator on the other hand raster or bitmap graphic is built in Photoshop.
  • Illustrator uses mathematical constructs creating vector graphics. Whereas, Photoshop is a modifying program that creates images or graphics.
  • A line is written in illustrator where two dots are connected by a computer algorithm. But Photoshop edit images made up by item colour squares.
  • A vector graphics never lose its own quality. On the other side, Photoshop has the popularity to edit web graphics, photo editing and design.
  • Illustrator will give a better output. Photoshop has a lot of unique filters, special effects and tools.
  • Illustrator can’t use for modifying images because it has limited filters. But Photoshop has unique tools to modify images.
  • Illustrator is better for logo designing whereas Photoshop can’t do that quality of logo designing. Photoshop can’t resize images without loss of quality or pixelation.
  • Photoshop edits a photograph. By using its photo editing tools make perfect photos.  Illustrator mainly works on a digital design for drawing. That’s why many cartoonists use this software.
  • Photoshop is creating, editing photos based on art work. It’s simple and plain. But Illustrator is creating and editing logos, brand marks or other design elements.
  • The print project, logo design etc. occur in Illustrator. But it does not occur in Photoshop software.  
  • Illustrator has no better tool for colour correction, retouch photos etc. Whereas Photoshop has those essential tools.
  • Photoshop has the right tool to create every line, shadow, texture. But illustrator has no such tools for its artwork.
  • If need digital images, banner, ads, email headers, videos etc. those can be created by Photoshop but Illustrator has printing capability. 
  • Always illustrator is perfect for the poster, create business cards etc but Photoshop has just editing range.
  • Illustrator is a vector graphic but Photoshop is a pixel graphic.
  • Composition involves points and lines in illustrator but Photoshop works only on images.


Finally, it’s easy to say that Illustrator and Photoshop both are different photo editing software. One used for drawing and one use for photo editing. Most of the time preparing a presentation, creating business card designers use illustrator. In the opposite side, Photoshop works on editing raw photos. Whatever the case, the illustrator is less popular than Photoshop.

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