How to start career with The Telegraph

How to start career with The Telegraph

How to start career with The Telegraph

The daily Telegraph is a broadsheet newspaper published in London by Telegraph Media Group. It is distributed across the United Kingdom and internationally. In 1855 as The Daily Telegraph, it was founded by Arthur B. Sleigh. The newspaper had a circulation of 523048 in March 2014.

The newspaper has two sister publications, The Sunday Telegraph, started in1961 and The Young Telegraph, launched in1990 aiming for 8-12-year-old young people. The newspaper and its sister publications are run by different editorial stuff but it is cross-connected with each other by the article. Stories may be either published on the Telegraph Media Group’s website. is the online version of the newspaper. TMG uses it banner title The Telegraph and includes articles from the print edition of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. The web content also includes breaking news, features article, photo gallery and blog. had become the most popular UK newspaper site in April 2008. Daily visitors of the website are about 1.7 million.

My Telegraph:

My Telegraph is launched in May 2007, offering a platform for readers to be a part of the Telegraph family. It offers reader to have their own blog, save articles and make connections with other readers. One of the judges Robert Cauthorn describes as “the best development of blogging yet seen in any newspaper anywhere in the world”. Hints: Wikipedia.

Careers at Telegraph:

The Telegraph Media Group has set a standard for change and evolved into multi-platform operations. The global agenda for the news is to deliver the best quality journalism. Thus, they are always in a need of leading and ever-changing job seekers offering strong journalism. Having the highest quality journalism anyone can make recognised themselves being a part of the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph, and Telegraph Mobile and apps.

In 8 key departments, an unemployed person can play an essential role such as HR/Legal/Finance/services, Newspaper Sales, Editorial, Advertising, Technology, Digital, Corporate Communications and Customer Contact Centre.

Create a Telegraph Profile:

To be a part of one should be registered by signing up for the free email newsletter. After registration is completed one should verify his/her account to make contact, comment or blog. Subscribers of the websites will be able to use profile, Telegraph services including crosswords and competitions in future and it is all for free.


The Syndication department is the only licensing and copyright department of Telegraph Media Group Limited. It has all the power to ensure enquiries about copyright and permit for the print and licensing for the editorial content. In some cases, not everything published in the newspaper is available for syndication where someone other than Telegraph Media Group. If anyone wants to make published his/her content on the newspaper, s/he needs to email syndication for permission and includes details of photo or article and the link to the site or blog. The Telegraph always appreciate own original work and not obscene, threatening, offensive article. It is all the Telegraph whereas to publish or not an article and to remove an article.

For more information, you can email at [email protected].

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