How to Get Better at Photography

Shoot, Shoot, and Shoot is the Best Advice for Beginners

How to Get Better at Photography

Passionate about photography? Want to be a better photographer? Follow some technique & valuable advice from professional photographers. Because they have some their own technique how they take their photos to the next level.

Here have some tips, I think it will help you to get better photography


Famous photojournalist Robert Capa think close photographs are good enough. Without wasting frame space make a better image. Get close to the subject to get the jovial facial expression. Practicing is the best skill for learning photography. Shoot, shoot, and shoot is the best advice for beginners. Spend more & more time behind on your camera, as much as you can. To make more authentic work then you should take myriad experiments of camera angle, three photography basics, lighting, your perspective, and skills.

Four corner  

Put your camera in front of your eyes, see your subject through the four corners of the frame. I think it may help to change your habits & creates a new way to shoot better.


Photography depends on the light. The best light of the day on shoot it will be adding a thick layer of magic to your photographs. It is an advantage for photographers. The golden hour which means the hour after sunrise & before sunrise. You can try it today with your camera & you can see the result practically.


Place, cultures, languages, people, and nature in different countries are different. It is not supported if you take someone’s photo without permission. Before taking any photographs you should take permission from his/ her.


At night time or indoors you use flash, it not necessary. You can use it on an extremely bright day outside or sunny day creating a very poor shadow on your subject. This extra light on your subject will be reduced ugly shadow & create an even exposure.


During in middle of the day, outdoor shooting needs lower ISO. On the other side, if you shoot a night without a tripod you will need to increase the ISO to a higher number.

Discuss others

Explaining a concept with other will give an instant impact on your own mind. If you discuss with your family & friends or other nearest persons about your photography knowledge or your ideas, you will know all the tricks sharply. In contrast, while they will be asking you questions, you also may know what else you should learn and practice more.

photographer need clipping

Learn Camera use

Photo creates based on two parts; one is by your mind & other is by your camera. If you have no knowledge of the manual camera, then you cannot take better photographs. It's true that perfect control of a camera brings those photos which are on your mind.

Flashback your work

Day to day your work will be changed but you always study in your past work. Whereas you can have noticed habits, ideas, technical facts that you can use your present work.

Create limitation

Sometime limitation will give you better shoot than before. You think, how is it possible? It’s very simple. Sometimes too much shoot diluting your work. But work limitation helps you to focus yourself to think in different angles & creates something new.

New techniques

How to do professional photography using newer techniques at presents is pretty much easier. Sometimes only a simple technique can be the best shooting way. It may help you to get a better opportunity in your future career.

In the finishing, to be better at photography you need to a create routine for everyday practice shooting in diverse ways. Thus, you will help yourself to push your photography to the next level. Last tips, be focused while shooting and follow the famous photographer's blog, articles, their photography angles.

Neon Shahriar
From start to the finishing of Shahriar is Photography. He focuses on capturing photos that tell its story. Thus, he steps outside and captures the surrounding consisting colourful imagery. With love, the habit of sharing ideas with photographers, he blogs consistently.

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