DSLR Camera Buying Guide 2018

Well-known Camera Brands Review

DSLR Camera Buying Guide 2018

Which camera to buy? Lots of people have asked me this question. It’s natural that people are being concerned before camera buying. Because DSLR is not a cheap tool that you can buy instantly if your income is not that much high. So, here is my camera buying guide 2018, respect of colour clipping ltd.

It’s confusing when you are buying a new camera. Because there are lots of varieties of the camera on the market. For instance, variations in camera brand, budget, individual perspective, the demand for post-processing etc. are the main concern before buying a new camera. Among lots of variation in camera models, user perspective is the first gear.

The reason behind is that photographers field deviates from person to person. Is it most important to know the WHY? Why are you buying a brand new camera? It may be your profession, personal demand, or passion. Or new tradition to share photos to the social media. Whatever the reason here all questions will be answered.

Well-known camera brands:

In every situation such as holiday, family gathering or enjoying big day, we all love to take photographs that last for our lifetime. And for photographers, a beautiful picture means a lot. For that, I will suggest you buy from reputed brands minimizing the chance to get distorted images. Canon, Nikon, Olympus & Sony these are well-known brands for the camera. Buying them you can get the maximize megapixels available. What’s more, there is a big difference in photo quality, using processes etc. for each brand.

Some key feature to look for:

An advanced digital camera can shoot the compact pictures in a single frame. Thus, there is no other option than choosing the best one. Henceforth, I suggest along with pro settings, you can look for the waterproof camera to shot being wet. Also, wide-angle and telephoto zoom lenses, a flashgun, and other accessories to look for to capture the most types of photography you're into.

  • 4*6,5*7,9* 10 inches in 5-megapixel camera thus you can produce good print what easily fit in any photo frame
  • Digital zoom elaborates the pixels after photos are taken with optical zoom
  • Some digital camera has lightweight
  • Camera stabilization helps to reduce the chance of photos being blurred by shaky camera movement
  • Automatically detecting features works to compose perfect shot
  • Choose the camera which can shot even in fuzzy low light or in imbalanced colour

Camera Budgeting:

Obviously, the more features you want, the more you'll have to pay. Before that ask yourself do you actually need them? Surprisingly, you can buy at the cheapest rate from the market, but still, it offers impressive performance and image quality. Moreover, enough features to handle the most assignments, especially if you're still learning.

Camera lens:

DSLR camera needs a good lens and an important kit that generally comprise the camera body. For beginner level camera you can go with 18-55mm lens. A broad zoom range covers a diverse range from landscapes to portraits. They are more than enough to get begun.

However, the key convenience of DSLRs over dense cameras is that you can add your instrument with excessive lenses. In DSLR lens collection, Canon & Nikon offer the best. On the opposite side, Pentax & Sony offer decent ranges. Sigma, Tamron & Tokina are selling quality lenses which are the price that offer lower lens prices That lower than the camera manufacturer’s equivalent lenses.

Nikon D3400

This camera sensor is APS-C CMOS, Megapixels 24.2 MP, Lens mount Nikon DX, Screen 3 inch, 92100 dots, Continuous shooting speed 5 fps, Max video resolution 1080p, User level Beginner.

This camera has very compact & lightweight body, Battery life is superb, Easy to carry & use, quite kit lens. It has no touchscreen.

Canon EOS Rebel T7i / Canon Eos 800D

Sensor APS-C CMOS, Megapixels 24.2 MP, Lens mount Canon EF-S, Screen 3-inch articulating touchscreen, Continuous shooting speed 6 fps, Max video resolution 1080p, User level Beginner/ enthusiast

Canon EOS Rebel T7i & Canon Eos 800D both have user-friendly Interface, touchscreen control is excellent, AF performance view live, Overall image quality impressive. There has no 4k video & plastic finish.

  Nikon D5600

Sensor APS-C CMOS, Megapixels 24.2 MP, Lens mount Nikon DX, Screen 3.2 inch articulating touchscreen 1040000 dots, Continuous shooting speed 5 fps, Max video resolution 1080p User level- beginner/enthusiast.

It has excellent image quality, handgrip comfy, decent AF system, touchscreen interface. It just has 1080p video, pricey compared to rivals.

Above all, our camera buying guides mainly focus on your budget. We suggest you a high-end compact camera with a one-inch sensor that will give you pleasure & provide enough high-quality photos.

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