Get Better Photo Composition by Changing Your Point of View Only

Every photographer has their own point of view to get better photo composition

Get Better Photo Composition by Changing Your Point of View Only

Every photographer has their own point of view to get better photo composition. It depends on how they see, feel, and understand things, especially in the time of photography. As photographers passion varies with the individual, their point of view in images varies too. Thus, every photographer sees the subject in different ways and perspectives. Therefore, there are different rules, processes and guidelines are available to get the better composition in photographs. Here, I will guide only the effect that you can get by changing your point of view.

Every person has their own particular passion and taste on how they see their subject in images. It is a very difficult job to figure out the way through which all the information can be captured that works in parallel to your perspective.

However, but there is one simplest and easiest way to get better photo composition by changing your perspective that you normally see it. Majority of the images are clicked from standing position, looking out or down into the photo subject. You can change the quality of your photos by changing your position, how you look into the subject and your camera exposure to the subject. I will suggest it is better to try something different in every photo you take. Here is some effective but the quickest way to try out something new.

Get as low as you can to get a much more intimate connection with the subject. This will give you a much closer relation to the subject of your photo that you are trying to get. Getting to the eye to eye is always preferable with respect to photography.

Climb onto something higher, it might be a fence, stairs, a tree or a ladder. It will give you an overall surrounding view of the subject in addition to the subject. It's a very different view than you expect on the landside. Use that high view to get better photo composition. It gives you the power of representing your subject in a different way.

Most of the times, photographers point the camera to the subject straight up or straight down. In rare cases, some capture image adding height to get the creative view. Viewers are also being amazed seeing the unexpected view. So, try to combine height while looking downstairs to get a rare and different perspective.

Change your standard lens to a different lens. Then, you can see how big difference it makes. Try to use an ultra-wide view lenses. You will be able to get an absolutely different view and apply interesting visual effects to the surrounding. I will suggest you to be brave to do experiment with the camera lens.

Get close as much as you can with your subject. Try to fill out every pixel of the lenses with your subject. Don’t be afraid, get yourself out of your comfort zone and get close to the subject to get a pixel-perfect view.

Getting close to a subject or targeting a part of it can introduce abstract concepts in your photography. You can raise the appeal of the subject by engaging longer abstract in the image. This increases the engagement of the viewers to the photo. But, here is a risk, if the abstract is not perfectly valid, viewers will lose attraction of image.

So, that’s all for today about improvement to get perfect photo composition changing point of view. There’s can be included more suggestion to get the better composition of photographs. For vivid photographs, I suggest, always think outside the box.

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