Shadow Making Services
Realistic Images with Lively Shadows

Add shadows of your choice to make images naturally vivid. We ensure your photo doesn’t look unreal or overly edited with shadows.

Shadow Making Service - ColorClipping
5000 / day

Get realistic shadow making service in big volume

12 Hours

Save your time – images will be delivered within 12 hours


Get Unlimited revisions with super-fast delivery & dedicated support

Shadow Creation

We mean quality when we talk about photo editing. We never drop the quality of our editing and we maintain a proactive workflow. We deliver on time, so you never miss any project. Rely on us, elevate images & get more attention.

We provide everything you need
  • Add shadows & reflection
  • Reshape, Liquefy
  • Make Symmetrical
  • Light adjustment
  • Color Correction
  • Remove scratches, spots
  • Reflection Shadow
  • Camera RAW Correction
  • Free Focus Stacking
  • Adjustable Layer File
  • Image Format as You need
  • Rush-hour Delivery
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • 100% Satisfaction

Get realistic product images in quick turnaround at an affordable price.


What Shadow Effect Services We Have?

We make various shadows as per your demand and the photo need. Choose shadow making service from the below options.

Original Shadow Making by Color Clipping

Original Shadow

We create a natural shadow beneath the product to makes your images more attractive.

Drop Shadow Making by Color Clipping

Drop Shadow

Our retouchers will bring depth to photos based on the size and shape of the objects.

Reflection Shadow Making by Color Clipping

Reflection Shadow

Get reflective mirror images of objects on a clean surface and a well-lit environment.


How We Execute Task

Our expert team follows time-proven retouching advanced techniques to create a realistic look at images.

Shadow Making Execution Illustration

ColorClipping provides images with a more natural look by shadow making service. Our experienced designers work with the most updated technology to deliver realistic product images for you.

We maintain opacity to control the transparency of the objects for a better view. We edit the angle to determine the light source and shadow effects in the opposite direction of the light source. Depending on the product types, we make the shadow effect to the apparent size and add noise to create the natural-feel on the image. And spread the percentage of the shadow to change the falloff; thus, the shadow stays darker at the edge.

Our designers are capable of applying the skilled crafting of your desired depth in shadow making. We remove the backdrop from the background and give a new Drop Shadow. Therefore, your product gets a natural look every time.


Professional Shadow Making Service

Your product images will look excellent and professional. While making shadows, we consider the light source and clean up shadows to make images pop against the background. See sample.


Shadow Making Service Cost

Get natural shadows in images without taking the hassle of editing. We offer cost-effective pricing for the quality. No extra charge, enjoy!

Original Shadow

Original Shadow

Clipping + $0.20
Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow

Clipping + $0.30
Reflection Shadow

Reflection Shadow

Clipping + $0.50
Price depends on Image Complexity & Delivery Time.
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What’s our Specialty?

At Color Clipping, we bring features into being for quality-driven client services. We explore, we thrive on and we provide services for the user benefits.

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