The National Newspaper Award

Career Photographers Working in the News Industry are Awarded in 21 Award Categories Each Year

The National Newspaper Award

The National Newspaper Awards is the most prestigious award in Canada for the best journalists and photographers in Canadian photojournalism sector. Entries from journalists and photojournalists get selected and awarded annually for their best work in Canadian newspapers.

The awards were first introduced in 1949. Although Toronto Press Club organized the first event, now this is managed by an independent board of governors and managed by Canadian Newspaper Association.

Career photographers working in the news industry are awarded in 21 award categories each year. The awards are divided into Short Feature Writing; Columns; Editorial Writing; Arts and Entertainment; Editorial Cartooning; Project of the Year; Photo Essay/Portfolio; Spots News Photography; Sports Photography; Feature Photography; International Reporting; Explanatory Journalism; and Local Reporting (for newspapers under 30,000 circulation); Breaking News; Investigations; Presentation; Sports; Business; Politics; Long Feature Writing; Photographers from the Canadian newspapers can put an entry with $50 but they have to work in a news outlet.

The competition for 2017 was started and opened for entries on December 15, 2017. After month-long submissions from journalists across Canada, the entries closed on January 15, 2018.The award presentation ceremony will be held on Friday, May 4 in Toronto at the Design Exchange. You can buy the tickets for the evening for $200 + HST through the NNA office. You must buy the ticket in advance.

The opening reception will start at 6 p.m. Snacks and foods will. At 7.30 pm everyone will move into the presentation theatre and prizes will be given there.

Although The National Newspaper Awards prize is smaller, it has a reputation throughout the world. Young photojournalists should enter the competition to help their career and have an idea about the professional requirements of the industry.

The prize money for the awards is funded through a yearly fund-raising program where 60% Canadian newspapers donate money. The entry fees are also a good source for the prize money.  

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