Professional Photographers’ Association Queensland (PPAQ)

Developing Professional Photographer (DPP)

Professional Photographers’ Association Queensland (PPAQ)

Professional Photographers’ Association is in Queensland in Australia. It established in 1928, it was founded for professional photographers across Queensland. It is the oldest organization of 100 years’ history. It is a platform for introducing & growth of the Professional photography.

Membership Benefits

PPAQ is an organization of professional photography who promises the highest standards. It is ensuring exceptional imagery, client confidence, business rectitude. The members of fostering relationships with cooperators, clients, community, activity promote the association. It can build the membership & committed to continuous learning & development.

The PPAQ offers for membership-

  • The annual fee which is affordable for members
  • Regular events across the year
  • In this field get various advice from the experts
  • Knowing verities knowledge on photography
  • Get advice for business management
  • You can use the PPAQ logo on your marketing purpose
  • Authenticity to clients
  • You can promote your business from inclusion in the PPAQ website directory

Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) & Developing Professional Photographer (DPP) are two different levels of membership for photographers in PPAQ

Developing Professional Photographer (DPP)

Per year Just 5 new members are intake on this program. It is introducing photographers to professional photography. It works as bridge the gap before new photographers. It provides training, professional development & business skills & also offers to work with experienced professionals.

Capability to apply for membership as a DPP-

  • Need to be able to provide evidence of an ABN & Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cove of $ 10m
  • Have to maintain a Professional Online Presence
  • Must be authorized the PPAQ Code of Conduct

By this program, new photographers will run the photographic & business skills. It requires to run successfully a photographic business. It has the opportunity to become a full member & CPP with PPAQ.

Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)

CPP is a certificate to qualifying photographers that whom have a studio or business membership with the PPAQ. This organization has provided the accreditation which the highest level of membership.

Capability to apply for membership as a CPP-

  • Minimum two years’ experience & has been needed in the continuous practice of professional photography.
  • Need to be able to provide evidence of an ABN & Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of $ 10m.
  • Have to maintain Professional Online Presence
  • Must agree to authorize the PPAQ Code of Conduct
  • Reviewed by a judging panel need to supply a portfolio of 20 images


Indeed, Professional photographer Association of Queensland is a stage for Professional Photography. This organization aim is to collaborate with photographers. Making high-quality photography for Queensland’s consumers. It will reach them successfully in their business career.  

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