E-commerce image Outsource in the UK

Photography for eCcommerce Image

E-commerce image Outsource in the UK

In this modern era, e-commerce is very popular. Many of the countries are dependent on these type of e-commerce companies for buying consumer products. In e-commerce sites basically selling products is based on perfect and glamorous photos. So the photos they present needs to be perfect. You can process these photos in three steps- pre-production, production, post-production.


“Photo enhance is mostly important for customers because they are the main focusing part of the photographers”

Ecommerce Business in the UK

National Statistic began a project to contributing monitoring which is chaired by Lord Young of Graffham.

E-commerce in the UK:

By the through of Ecommerce Foundation, in 2016, 17.8 % grew in UK & worth was 174 billion euros. Its growth rate is same as 2013. Near about 82 % customers use e-commerce sites reason for their shopping. Some popular e-commerce sites are:

•          Amazon

•          eBay

•          Alibaba

•          Flipkart

•          Walmart

Photography for e-commerce:

Pre-production is a process of preparing for a photoshoot. Before a photoshoot set up is the most important. If photos are not clear, then e-commerce sites cannot expect good product photos. Without clear photos, people are not able to see products easily and thus they don't get appreciating sold.

Image Processing for e-commerce:

Processing means you are going to edit your images. That means you will send your images to an external retouching service. After editing they send the images & return that product image. In simple words, it calls “e-commerce image outsource”.

Outsourcing companies offer great photo editing. It includes removing the photo background, creating clipping paths within the image canvas with specific width & height, converting to file types like JPEG & PNG. It is an advantage of image editing service that it provides a lot of retouching.

The line of retouching photo & photo editing heavily blurred & some people use terms interchangeably. But generally speaking to retouch product itself that manipulated within the images. For an example, e-commerce images can be manipulated within the images.  Model skin retouching, adjusting shadows & product cleanup it’s all are included in photo editing.

In-house by brand retailers, photo editing is been traditionally for retailers. In that case, they hire a studio to shoot on e-commerce images. Some of the brands & retailers hire commercial photo studio to capture the most eye-catchy images. And along with in-house photo editing to take advantage of the editor. The reason is simple to outsource is not only saving money but also save time.

In a short time, photographers maintain lots of work. Whereas they have enough money to do their work but they do not have enough time. The reason is outstanding work with a careful selection process requires enough time. So in the time of editing, they outsource bulk images and save money & time.

For a case of Apparel Photography:

Apparel photography in a particular is catalogue oriented. There is a huge variance in the photo. Most companies have to hire additional freelance retoucher to retouch their work in less time.

If photographers have own retoucher to complete their work, they can’t complete the editing of bulk images within a short time. In the long run, it costs more than editing images by outsourcing. So it is totally waste of money for them to edit by own. That’s why they depend on outsource retoucher company.

When through a photographer works for his in-house team he tries to finish his work carefully. It is a very interesting portion for them, but they do not publish this on the e-commerce site. They outsource image from editing company. Because it just not is photographer’s problem it is a requirement for an e-commerce site.

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