Boxfish Reels 360°: Why is it perfect to capture high quality videos under the sea?

Boxfish Reels 360°: Why is it perfect to capture high quality videos under the sea?

Boxfish Reels 360°: Why is it perfect to capture high quality videos under the sea?

Though the world under the sea is weird it is a perfect place to get 360° videos. To get the perfect shot and to catch it all Boxfish Research has come. It has revealed another underwater camera for movie producers, filmmakers, and subject specialists. It can shoot in every direction in near about 5K resolution. It is also designed to record data on depth, camera movement, and temperature of water.

Specification of Boxfish 360°

The eyes of the Boxfish 360° are three substantial cameras with Micro Four Thirds sensors. The producer company says it gives the framework a sensor area just about five times that of a six-action camera rig. Every lens can cover 185°. It helps for total spherical resolution 5, 040 x 2,520 (barely short of the standard 5,120 x 2,880 of 5K). In a second it can frame of at 24, 25 or 29.97. It can shoot 360° stills at 12.1 MP. So, the result, marked by Boxfish is that the photos are with better colour.

Boxfish 360 Degree Camera Equipment

The rig is carried into an anodised aluminium collective structure that measures 300 x 165 mm (11.8 x 6.5 in). It measures 6 kg (13.2 lb.) and can dive to a depth of 300 m (984 ft.). The battery may last for only an hour and a half but by then your 64 GB Micro SD card would have no space left. The company says that swapping them two is a breeze.

Few words from the company

"The most significant part of the Boxfish 360 is that the cameras remain inside the waterproof housing at all condition. A solitary hatch gives tool-less access to the recorded files also for charging," says Axel Busch, the co-founder. Further, he says "It just pauses for a moment to recharge batteries and free up space in memory cards. Thus, you can back into water quicker and so the production workflow still goes on shortly.

Sync. Features of Boxfish 360°

Back on dry land, get the recording off the rig and into a workable frame in a simpler way. Few number of cameras means fewer seams because the frame all are synced. So, you get video stitch together in short time in a circle.

Boxfish Underwater Video

The Boxfish 360° can likewise record information depending on the depth of the dive. It is flexible to the water temperature and the rotation of the camera. It's up to individual groups what type of data is required. But it could help the filmmaker to monitor how far down the shooting is going. For researchers at how warming water may influence the wellbeing of a reef.


Sync. Features of Boxfish 360°

The Boxfish 360° is not for newbies holiday shots: at a strong cost of USD 14,990, it is limited to the professional level of photographers. As benefits you can get the rig itself, the Boxfish 360° offers six 64 GB micro SD cards, charger cable, a neoprene storage bag, and a couple of other little tools and new parts. More about 360° photo editing to optimized your each project and efficient. 

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